بروتوكول الموافقة و التطبيق العملي

Protocol Approval Process
Ethical research committee (ERC or IRB) approval will be required prior to CRC review. (Available at BSU web site).
CRC review will consist of a feasibility review for the requested use of CRC services or resources. 
The review process starts upon receiving of the CRC application with ERC approval.
If there are no questions or issues needing clarification during the review process, the protocol can be approved and a CRC protocol number will be provided by the tenth business day after CRC receipt of the protocol. 
If the PI responds promptly to any questions or items of clarification arising from the review, it is estimated that the turnaround time for the feasibility review would be a total of three weeks from CRC receipt of the protocol.
Application Process
Depending upon which IRB (RSRB or WIRB) is used for study approval, there are two ways to submit a CRC application, including: 
1. Hand-to-hand in the CRC center with electronic copy of all documents & forms
2. Through e-mail to ( … ) including all required documents & forms