Other Activities

What was accomplished during the tenure of the post of Vice-Dean for community service
Medical convoys:
Inside Beni-Suef Governorate:
A convoy to the village of Qaman El-Arous in cooperation with the National Council for Women.
A convoy to Mohammed Farid School in Nasser, in cooperation with Rotary Club in Cairo.
A convoy to the village of Hager Bani Suleiman.
A convoy to the village of Bakriya, Beb .
A medical convoy to the orphan institution in Beni Suef on the orphan day.
Medical convoy to the village of Bayad Alarab.

 Outside Beni-Suef Governorate:
Marine Oases.
New Valley (Dakhla - Farafra - Kharga).
Qena, the village of Al-Qarnah in coordination with the Grand Imam / Sheikh of Al - Azhar .
These convoys have been prepared, equipped and advertised and supplied with medicines through pharmaceutical companies for free such as (Syed - Alcon -Novartis).

Medical Education Center:
The center was established, equipped and a manager was appointed for it, then it was equipped with 26 computers and printers (granted by the Ministry of Communications).

Teaching halls:
They were painted and the seats were repaired by donations from some businessmen and supplying them with 6 laptops and 6 Data Shaw devices, (granted by the Ministry of Communications).

college building:
 Painting all buildings.
 Putting garbage bins throughout the faculty and its corridors.
 Putting seats throughout the college for students.
  Putting indicative signs on all offices, halls, departments at the college.
Maintenance of all college labs and equipment.
  Buying a display screen and putting it at the college entrance to display the educational, cultural and social activities at college.
  Afforestation of the college and around its walls in collaboration with (Agricultural Research Authority in the governorate).
  Allocation of parking space for the members of the faculty as well as a place for administrative employees (the land next to the college).
  Making posters for the cars of faculty members the employees.
All of these services were submitted by some businessmen without any cost for the college.

Grants and Donations:
Through a personal contact, the College was granted, by the Ministry of Communications, 30 computers, 30 small printers, 3 large central printers, 3 photocopy machines, 6 laptops, 6 data show devices, 2 Projectors, 2 fax machines, 2 scanners).
Al Youm Al Akher association, a licensed American association carrying out civil work inside Egypt, has been contacted and it provided the following:
30 wheelchairs for people with special needs.
Supplies and equipment dedicated to some sections (ophthalmology - Pediatrics).
Toshiba Al Araby Company, in a personal contact with the Chairman, provided the hospital with 12 Split Sharp air conditioning.
Attendance and participation in some medical convoys.
A place has been allocated for the medical journal at the faculty and and provided it with:
(Computer - Fax - 2 scanars).
International Students. A direct personal contact was conducted with all Arab embassies and some African and Asian embassies (Bangladesh - Malaysia) to attract foreign students to study at the college and a visit was made to a delegation from Malaysia to visit the province and student accommodation.

Seminars and lectures:
A number of cultural and religious lectures were held on all religious occasions.
Lectures to raise awareness of some diseases such as (H1 N1)
An exhibition of discounted clothes was held in cooperation between the College and the Nasreddine Association for Human and Social Development.

Preparation and participation in all events of the conferences of the College and the scientific day of some departments.

What was accomplished during the tenure of the post of Vice Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research

Graduate Studies:
Restructuring the Department of Graduate Studies and allocating specialized and trained staff for each scientific degree (Diploma - Master - PhD).
Training postgraduate employees on the regulations and rules by assigning the director of postgraduate studies in Al-Qasr Al-Aini two days a week for six months.
 Creating a database of graduate students and updating it periodically to facilitate the matter for students and faculty members.
Solving all the problems of graduate students, especially PhD in terms of:
No data.
No files for some students.
Lack of some papers.
By creating a system for the preservation and numbering of files.

Graduate Studies Control:
It was completely separated from the control of Qasr Al Aini and the control work was also carried out (paper correction - results) in the control of graduate studies - Faculty of Medicine Beni Suef.
The control was linked to the Department of Graduate Studies in terms of postponement and suspension of enrollment in order to maintain the students' appreciation.
Postgraduate studies registration was opened in all majors.

Agreements and Scientific Cooperation Protocols:
Protocol of cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine, University of October 6.
Protocol of cooperation between the department of ophthalmology with the Institute of Research Ophthalmology.
Protocol of cooperation between the department of ophthalmology with the National Institute of Ophthalmology in Rod Al-Faraj.
 Protocol of cooperation between the department of ophthalmology with the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.
The following bodies have been addressed:
All centers and institutes of academic research.
Educational Institutes, Ministry of Health.
Ministry of Interior.
Ministry of Defense.
In order to inform them of the possibility of accepting students to register for postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Beni Suef and adding a supervisor from these bodies on the theses according to the regulations, which led to an increase in the number of registrars from these bodies after being a minor to both  Al Qasr Al Aini and Ain Shams.
International Students: Some international students have been attracted to postgraduate studies through embassies and electronic sites, but in small numbers.

Start the amendment of the regulations of graduate studies by:
Seminars with graduate students.
Meetings with faculty members.
See some other university regulations.

Postgraduate Library:
The first postgraduate library was established in Beni Suef was at the Faculty of Medicine and the place was established and equipped.
Some books were purchased.
The library was equipped with 14 computers and printers, all of which are connected to the Internet.
All members of the faculty have been addressed to donate their books and scientific journals to be placed in the library.

Cultural Relations:
Joint supervision missions                                 9 missions
Internal missions                                               5 missions
Personal scientific tasks (without expenses)     7 tasks
Government scientific tasks                               7 tasks
TOEFL courses                                                  145 courses                                                  
Conferences, courses and workshops               75 workshops                
Publishing rewards                                             18 Rewards
Discussions of theses that took place in the Hall of celebrations at the College 170 theses