Scientific activities inside and outside university

  • Administrative work and scientific  activities outside the university:

    Participating in the exams of the fourth year students in the medical colleges (Kasr Al Aini - Fayoum - El-Menia - Menoufia)

    Participation in the postgraduate examinations (MA - PhD) in medical colleges (Mansoura - Menoufia -El- Minia - Fayoum)

    Member of the Board of Directors of the Research Institute of Ophthalmology nominated by the President of the Institute and was selected by the Minister of Scientific Research from August 2013 until now.

    Member of the Egyptian Fellowship of Ophthalmology from 2008 till now (lectures - practical and oral examinations - training of fellows.)

    Member of the Committee of Permanent Arbitrators of Ophthalmology for the promotion of the position of Professor and Assistant Professor)

    Member of the Medical Sector Committee of the Council of Ophthalmology.

    Member of the committee appointed by the Supreme Council of Universities to approve some new medical colleges (New Giza - Egypt for Science and Technology.)

    Member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Authority for compulsory training of doctors by a decision of the Prime Minister.

    Member of the Sector Committee for Technological Education at the Supreme Council of Universities.

  • Attending the courses of development of faculty members and leaderships : 

    Course on decision-making and solving problems .

    Course on developing thinking skills .

    Course on developing effective presentation skills .

    Course on using technology in teaching .

    Course on teaching assessment and curriculum development .

    Course on modern trends in teaching .

    Course on leadership programmes for academics .

    .Course on specialized financial aspects at universities