Administrative Occupations

  • Participation in the administrative works in college :

    On August 12, 1997, I was transferred from the University of Cairo and appointed an assistant teacher. I was the first member to teach at faculty member and a faculty member appointed by the faculty.

    Administrative Officer Department of Ophthalmology, 1998 and I did my own best for achieving the following:

    Establishment of ophthalmology department (external clinics - operations - internal department.)

    Supervision of all tenders for purchasing equipment of Ophthalmology Department.

    Teaching to fourth year in cooperation with the hospital of Ophthalmology in Beni Suef.

    Coordination between the Department of Ophthalmology - Medicine Faculty in Beni Suef and Department of Ophthalmology - Kasr Al-Ain.

    Contribution to the development of the book of Ophthalmology of the fourth band.

    Member of Control of the 3rd and 4th Division from 1998 till 2003.

    Head of Control of the 3rd and 4th Division of 2004-2006.

    Acting Director of the Department of Ophthalmology on 21/7/2003. All the work of the department and supervision of (teaching - clinics - operations - training of doctors excellence.)

    Member of the Faculty Board from 9/2003.

    Acting Dean of the Technical Institute of Nursing attached to the College from 1/10/2006 until 1/10/2013.

    Full supervision of the Institute.

    Preparing the teaching schedules, defining the curricula and preparing for oral and practical exams.

    Coordination with the Ministry of Health to train students in the general hospital in the province.

    Arranging the assignment of all students of the Institute at the university hospital by addressing the Department of Assignment of the Ministry of Health.

    Full supervision and chairmanship of the Technical Institute of Nursing.

    Director of the internal department of the University Hospital from May 2005 to June 2006 and at that time the departments were re-distributed in the hospital.

    Contribute to the establishment of warehouses and the work of the Procurement Department.

    The allocation of a role in the hospital as a section of the treatment of pay and equipped and was prepared for the opening.

    Secretary of the Board of Medicine College from September 2006 to September 2009.

    Preparation of the College Council to see the regulations and laws for students and staff and members of the faculty.

    Preparation of subjects included in the College Council.

    Formulation of resolutions approved by the Council.

    Contributing to the formulation of the list of graduate studies in the faculty in 2007.

    Member of the Higher Medical Committee of the University from 2007 until now.

    Head of Ophthalmology Department on 1/9/2008

    Founder and first president of the College of Graduate Studies from 2008 to 2015

          Exam Rooms. Selection and establishment of control

          - Activation of the regulations on postgraduate studies

         - Training a team of faculty members to carry out the work of control

          - Assignment of some of the postgraduate staff at Al-Qain Al-Aini to train the Beni Suef control staff.

           - Preparation and drafting of rules for the transfer of students to and from the Faculty of Medicine Beni Suef.

    Establishing postgraduate studies in Obstetrics Department (Diploma - Master - PhD )

      Lectures for graduate students

     - Formation of the Board of PhD examinations from most Egyptian universities

    Member of the Organizing Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, Beni Suef, 2005

    Member of the Quality Committee of the Faculty of Medicine from 2008.

    Administrative work and scientific activities at the university.

    Chairman of the Higher Medical Committee of the University.

    Chairman of the Committee formed by a decision of the President of the University to follow up the land of the University of East Nile on 22/1/2017

    Member of the Committee of Medical Care Fund for staff and members of the university faculty.

    Member of the Standing Committee for the general packaging of the University by a decision of the President of the University on 17/5/2016.

    Member of the committee preparing the Institute against corruption at the University by a decision of the President of the University on 19/2/2017.

    * Member of the committee of the university on mechanisms to follow up the performance of members of the faculty and their assistants at the university.