Academic Jobs



General Practitioner in Cairo University Hospital - Kasr El Aini from 1989-1990.

Resident Physician in Ophthalmology, Cairo University Hospital, Kasr El Aini, 1990-1993.

Third Physician - Cairo University Laser Institute , 22/10/1991.

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology Surgery, National Institute of Laser Sciences, Cairo University, 1995.

  Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology - Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University - Beni Suef Branch on 21/8/1997 (the first member of Medicine faculty appointed via transferring from the University of Cairo. )

Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Beni Suef Branch, 23/2/1998.

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology Surgery - Faculty of Medicine - University of Cairo - Branch of Beni Suef on 26/3/2003.

Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, 21/7/2003.

Acting Dean of the Technical Institute of Nursing attached to Medicine Faculty from

Professor of Ophthalmology surgery - Faculty of Medicine - 26/4/2008.

Head of the Department of Ophthalmology on 1/9/2008.

Vice Dean of Medicine Faculty for community service & environmental development, 5/7/2010.

Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies & Research at 9/5/2011.

It was renewed to be as a vice Dean of Medicine Faculty for Postgraduate Studies & Research from 18/7/2013 into 4/7/2016.

Dean of Faculty of Medicine, University of Beni Suef from 26-2 - 2015 into 2017.

Supervisor of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences from 15/8/2015 into 15/12/2015.

Preparation of the financial and administrative regulations of the Faculty and approval by the Sector Committee.

Structuring the college departments .

Preparation of the Financial and Administrative Regulations of the Special Program

 Conduct interviews and tests for students applying for the special program.

Restructuring the staff of the college according to employment status.

            .   Finishing the preparation of chamders and sectionrooms for lectures

          .  Completing the procession of staff and management offices within college

            Meetings with students to listen to their problems for solve them.

            In collaboration with the Medical Sector Committee and the Health Sciences. Association, a workshop was conducted (to reach a name for the college and the job classification , thus describing graduates of the college) and submit its recommendations to the Supreme Council of Universities.

           Nomination of Dean and Vice-Dean of the College of Human Medicine1/10/2006 till 9/2013.