President's Speech

Speech of Rector
Dear our fresh students, 

       Congratulation and welcome for all fresh students at the beginning of their joining to Beni Suef University that opens its arms to them, including all students and academic activities.

      Thus, the student community within the University of Beni Suef is considered as a coherent and cooperative family to each other, the university provides the academic work requirements inside the chambers with possible facilities for all students , the university also support cultural , sports, scientific , scout activities and such staff for creating a suitable kind of communication between students and members of the administrative team each other within the university.

      We do our best to be the university life as the starting point for each of you reaching a promising and unique future in the scientific aspects as a prelude to achieve your hopes for your career and contribute to support our beloved motherland of Egypt.

     We call God to bless our dear students and last the pride , progress and prosperity For our beloved Egypt.

       Dr/ Mansour Hassan Ahmed

    Preisdent of Beni-Suef University