President of Beni Suef University decides to reduce tuition fees for martyrs sons by 20%

14 Jul 2021

Media Center
Prof. Dr. Mansour Hassan, President of Beni Suef University, decided today to reduce the tuition fees for martyrs sons studying in the Blended Learning center by 20%. This was while he chaired the meeting of the Blended Learning Center in the presence of university's vice presidents,financial advisor, Prof, Dr. Khaled Abbas, Director of the center, members of the board of directors, and Mr. Mohamed Selim, Secretary General of the university.

The meeting discussed a number of topics, including the report submitted on the work of July 2021 exams for programs with its open learning and blended learning systems, which started on Saturday 10/7/2021, and the provision of special committees for people with special needs, taking into account their health conditions and to complete their university studies. Presentation of the financial report on the center's revenues and expenses 2019-2020/ 2020-2021.