President of Beni Suef University appoints Dr. Ali Qorni Selim as Acting Dean of the Faculty of Earth Science and thanks Dr. Boutros Riad

23 Sep 2020

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Prof. Dr. Mansour Hassan, President of Beni Suef University, issued Decree No. 1245 today for appointing Dr. Ali Qorni Salim Hassan as an  Acting Dean of the Faculty of Earth Science until 31/7/2021.

It is worth noting that Dr. Ali graduated from the College of Science in 1990 and was appointed as a teaching assistant at the Department of Geology and progressed in scientific degrees until he reached the degree of Assistant Professor at the College of Earth Science in 2016.

He held the position of Director of the Center for Microanalysis and Electron Microscopy at the College of Science, Director of Central Laboratories at the College of Graduate Studies for Advanced Science, then a Head of the Department of Mineral Resources at the College of Earth Science.

Prof. Dr. Mansour also extended his thanks and appreciation to Dr. Boutros Riad, the former Dean of the faculty, for the achievements he presented to the college throughout his tenure as the dean.